Metoid Prime Trilogy ices up when beginning Metroid Prime 3

When i'm attempting to start Metroid Prime 3 my Wii ices up, is this a trouble with my disk or does my Wii has a trouble (I've obtained a launch-date Wii)

Do not recognize if it relates, yet in Metroid Prime, in the chozo damages, when I fire the sap cavities the video game stops, goes black, and also proceeds once more, yet without computer animation of the cavity taking off.

2019-05-04 16:47:22
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Metroid Prime Trilogy makes use of a Dual - layer disk, which some (older) Wii gaming consoles have problem analysis.

More than likely, the source of the troubles is an unclean lens, which might be addressed by utilizing the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit.

Conversely, You can speak to Nintendo, as they recognize this trouble and also (generally) fix your Wii absolutely free.

2019-05-08 12:17:38