Send As Distribution Group Email Address?

We have a Small Business Server 2003, with an assistance circulation team. Is it feasible to permit participants of a circulation team, send e-mails from the team email address?

2019-05-04 16:47:55
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You require to grant the users the" Send As " approvals. Not exactly sure just how to complete that on SBS 2003, yet on Exchange 2003 you will certainly:

  1. Start the Exchange variation of Active Directory Users and also Computers
  2. From the View food selection pick Advanced Features .
  3. Right click the customer that intends to allow other individuals send messages on his part and also select Properties .
  4. Select the Security tab and also click Advanced .
  5. Select the Permissions tab and also click Add .
  6. Enter the users that call for the Send As approval, after that click OK .
  7. You will certainly see the checklist of approvals. See to it that" This object just " is picked for the use area, after that scroll to the base and also select the Send As approval. Click OK .
  8. OK the Advanced protection dialog box, and also OK the User Properties window to close.
2019-05-17 09:12:51
  • Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Activate "Advanced Features" in the View food selection
  • Find the circulation checklist you intend to send as
  • Open the buildings and also most likely to the Security tab
  • Add the customer or team concerned
  • Check the "Send As" approval
  • ALRIGHT your escape

There is incidentally a distinction in between "Send As" and also "Send on Behalf Of". In the last you can see which mail box did in fact send the mail, with "Send As" - and also the above procedure - the message shows up ahead straight from the customer that you provided accessibility.

2019-05-17 09:07:18

Yes. You simply enter the name of the checklist in the From : area in a new message.

2019-05-08 02:41:43