Quick, computerized means to verify the duplicate of a folder?

I have a great deal of documents that I've been moving around my network and also to exterior disk drives. As an example, I simply replicated a folder with documents standing for an old laptop computer's disk photo (developed with clonezilla) from an exterior disk drive to my macbook pro.

Exists an application or manuscript I can make use of that would certainly permit me to verify that all the documents in the folder were replicated appropriately and also without corruption? I intend to have the ability to run something on the resource and also target folders that will certainly offer me self-confidence that they equal. Preferably, the device would certainly have the ability to verify folders on a network drive too.

2019-05-04 16:48:33
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The most convenient means to do that would certainly be to run a md5 amount on all the documents and also match it with the neighborhood set. I can not manuscript off the top of my head presently, yet that's just how you would certainly do it.

For future reference, do not replicate folders. Tar/ bzip them up and afterwards relocate them. Your duplicate time will certainly be dramatically lowered and afterwards it's less complicated to verify an effective duplicate.

2019-05-08 00:57:07

Two very easy means, one CLI and also the various other with a GUI :

  1. With Terminal :
    • diff -rq folder1 folder2
  2. Using FileMerge (which features the Developer Tools) :
2019-05-08 00:50:46