What are the 25 means to pass away in Crackdown 2?

In Crackdown 2 for the 360 there is an Xbox Live Achievement (perhaps the like a PS3 prize) which needs you eliminate on your own in 25 various means. Does any person recognize the checklist?

2019-05-04 16:55:31
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10 various means to pass away by obtaining Shot/Blown up :

  • Fired with bullet
  • Shot with harpoon
  • Shot in the head
  • Shot/blown up by chopper tool
  • Shot/blown up by a turret tool
  • Exploded by explosive/ pouch cost
  • Exploded by rocket
  • Exploded by closeness mine
  • Exploded by taking off object
  • Exploded by Quacker

8 various means to pass away fom Melee/Physics (abdominal muscle) make use of :

  • Struck by gamer ground strike
  • Struck by gamer with held object
  • Struck by driven lorry
  • Struck by chopper Blades
  • Struck by hand to hand melee
  • Struck by tossed object
  • Struck by the Ground (Dropping)
  • Eliminated while in a lorry

7 means to pass away from the various Adversary Keys in :

  • Eliminated by Reaping machine
  • Eliminated by Pounder
  • Eliminated by Representative Reaping Machine
  • Eliminated by Hefty armored Cell
  • Eliminated by Moocher
  • Eliminated by any kind of cell
  • Eliminated by any kind of peacekeeper

Making a total amount of 25 means to pass away ( source)

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