Just how can I get DoubleTwist to set apart in between music and also podcasts?

Given that iTunes has no other way to sync with my Motorola Droid, and also all of my music gets on my Macbook Pro, I lately experimented with DoubleTwist. It identified my Droid today.

The trouble is that when I picked to sync every one of my music, DoubleTwist additionally synced every one of my podcasts, which promptly filled out my sd card with things I do not desire on there. Exists a means to have it just sync my iTunes music collection and also overlook podcasts?

2019-05-04 16:57:50
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Judging by the screenshots, doubleTwist permits syncing details playlists and also has clever playlists.

Create a clever playlist that would certainly have all your collection yet not podcasts (leaving out style Podcast), and also sync it.

2019-05-08 02:00:43