Exists any kind of means to get the initial Fallout and also Fallout 2 working with a Mac?

The inquiry possibly represents itself. I recognize that they're Windows-based video games, so naturally a duplicate of Windows have to be readily available. That averts making use of DOSBox, yet would certainly any one of the adhering to remedies (or others) job?

  1. Bootcamp with Windows 7?
  2. VMWare with a Windows variation of the ideal vintage?
  3. A Glass Of Wine? (Is WINE also readily available for Mac?)
  4. Earnings! (Oh, wait ... ... Fill in # 4 for me?)

Information of the equipment concerned: MacBook 13", incorporated 256M graphics, 4GB of RAM, 2GHz Intel Core Duo.

2019-05-03 22:37:05
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Try mounting WineBottler http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/. It's a wonderful frontend for Wine (which it brings with) and also can package your video game right into a wonderful little.app.

FWIW, I had the ability to run Fallout with it. Really did not attempt Fallout 2, however.

2019-05-11 19:08:56

I directly tried this a while back. I wound up acquiring the real Mac variation of the video game :


2019-05-08 10:07:16