Price of hosting on Google App Engine

Just how does the price of hosting on Google App Engine contrast to hosting on even more timeless web servers for a high website traffic internet site?

What's the solution for an internet site with 1000 web page sights per min and also just how do the prices contrast at 10000 web page sights per min?

2019-05-04 17:01:03
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So it seems like you're worried that Google App Engine will certainly function and also scale for you, yet you're going to get to a factor where you surpass their ability to host you without being pricey. Is that right?

I assume things to do below is to have an "exit approach" for your App. I assume you require this no matter whether you go beyond Google's restrictions or otherwise. What happens if Google determines App Engine is a loan loser? What happens if it quits sustaining the APIs you intend to make use of?

Look into AppScale, which is planned to be an open resource variation of Google App Engine wherefore could wind up as your contingency needs to you grow out of GAE's restrictions.

2019-05-08 03:05:14

I was mosting likely to upload this as a comment yet simply given that you created "My internet site isn't constructed yet", please have a look at the restrictions for a free account :

                     Per day            Per minute
Requests             1.3m requests      7,400 requests/minute
Outgoing Bandwidth   1 gb               56 mb/minute
Incoming Bandwidth   1 gb               56 mb/minute
CPU Time             6.5 CPU-hours      16 CPU-seconds/minute

If you assume you will certainly make use of a whole lot even more than that, it's one significant internet site.

2019-05-08 00:59:14