Fixing Disk - Start up disk alternatives

I had a power failing and also upon restarting saw that the OS drive required to be fixed (Disk Utilities). I am running Snow Leopard and also do not have the CD to start up from in order to execute the solution.

Exist any kind of various other alternatives for running the fixing utils on the start-up disk?

2019-05-04 17:20:18
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One alternative that does not call for any kind of exterior drives or disks:

Disk Utility's fixing disk is greatly * a slim wrapper over the unix fsck (represent "File System Check") energy. You can run it by:

  1. Booting right into "Single User Mode" by restarting and also holding command - S throughout start-up.
  2. A command - line input will certainly show up ; enter /sbin/fsck -fy
  3. Wait for it to finish. If you see **** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED ***** after that run it once more, given that occasionally dealing with the first mistakes will certainly reveal extra.
  4. Repeat till it claims that the disk seems alright.
  5. Enter Reboot too generally.

*I can not locate any kind of sign that Disk Utility's "Repair Disk" function does anything that fsck does not. However, Apple recommends that you make use of Disk Utility rather when that is an alternative.

2019-05-09 06:25:35

One alternative would certainly be to duplicate your start-up drive to an exterior disk making use of something like SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. After that you can make use of System Preferences- > Startup Disk to select that exterior drive as the boot drive.

As soon as you've restarted and also are running the system off the exterior drive you can make use of Disk Utility to run the fixing. After you're done, re-select the inner drive as the Startup Disk and also reboot.

2019-05-08 04:02:52