Dead Eye setting does not make use of ammunition in Red Dead Redemption?

I was attempting to pass the 10th degree of the Sharpshooter obstacle, which is to deactivate 6 challengers without transforming tools or reloading. This can be a little bit complicated, other than I saw when I was making use of the deadeye setting and also conjecturing, it really did not lower my ammunition matter. I can (and also did) take around 10 shots from my 6 shot revolver, one deadeye go for a time, and also I still had all my bullets. Made the obstacle rather easy, as soon as I understood it. I think this is a bug ... has any person else experienced this?

2019-05-04 17:25:33
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Dead-Eye setting instantly refills your tool for you. Given that you are not by hand doing it, it does not count as a real reload. It could be why your ammo matter really did not transform.

2019-05-08 03:21:03