Making use of a cordless router as a residence network switch

I have a Linksys WRT54G cordless router that I made use of to have actually set up in the typical means (wire modem links into uplink port of router, computers/laptop plug straight right into the router or connect wirelessly). Never ever had any kind of concerns.

My new residence, however, runs out the series of both DSL and also wire modem, so the only net alternative I have is making use of a cordless USB card from AT&T (respectable upload/download rates, in fact, so I'm not whining ... a lot).

So I desire my computer system and also my XBox360 to be able to talk with each various other (so I can utilize it as a Media Extender), and also attempted utilizing my router, yet they just appear to be able to chat intermittently. I assume the router is perplexing points due to the fact that it was initially set up to push website traffic straight to the wire modem, which does not exist anymore.

Exists a means to "switch off" the transmitting attributes and also utilize this as a "typical" switch? Do I require a various item of equipment? Should I by hand set up IP addresses on both the computer and also the XBox? Or should they have the ability to auto-configure?

I've come across individuals simply making use of a straight network wire straight from the XBox to the COMPUTER, yet I can never ever get that to function (plus I intend to book the right to add even more computer systems or WMExtenders, possibly)

2019-05-03 22:41:06
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Most routers have some variants on your asked for capability, yet not all.

By default, the cordless user interface, and also the 4 LAN ports are "switched". What might create concerns is the router is DHCP web server. For straightforward LAN capability, you can disable it using the actions revealed on Page 6 of the WRT54g manual.

By disabling your DHCP web server, the duty of making certain that every little thing in the network has an IP address is up to you. The LAN link on your computer system need to have an IP address from -, and also the X - Box, a various address. Subnet Masks will certainly be and also the Gateway will certainly be the IP address of your computer system.

2019-12-05 02:38:05

If you intend to select ont wire from Xbox to COMPUTER you possibly would require a crossover wire. Nonetheless, your router needs to have the ability to do it. See to it your router is set up with DHCP on and also connect both computer systems right into the button ports, and also absolutely nothing right into the "LAN" port.

Beware just how much you downloat over that AT&T card ... the majority of have caps at concerning 5GB

2019-05-08 13:17:05