Just how to map mutliple keys to a switch in Half Life 2/Team Fortress 2?

I'm unwell of attempting to get my rocket leaps exact sufficient to in fact leap areas, that I'm left attempting to leap as opposed to eliminating the adversary.

This would certainly be handy in Half Life 2 also. As they have the very same engine, doing something in one should coincide in the various other, appropriate?

Just how can I bind a collection of keys to a solitary switch?

2019-05-04 17:33:39
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You require an pen name . Create a documents called autoexec.cfg in your Steam \ steamapps \ YOUR_ALIAS_HERE \ team fortress 2 \ tf \ cfg and also add the adhering to :

//Rocket Jump
alias +rocketjump "+jump;+duck;wait;+attack"
alias -rocketjump "-jump;-attack;wait;wait;wait;-duck"
bind mouse2 "+rocketjump"

Change mouse2 to your wanted key. You can do a lot with scripting, this is simply one instance. Look into the TF2 Wiki for extra.

2019-05-08 16:22:56