What are your favored version control systems?

This is extra a conversation inquiry than a real effort to establish the "ideal", because that plainly differs by the demands of the company. I'm extra interested concerning the debates for various systems throughout groups (systematized vs dispersed, open vs exclusive, etc).

So, what do you assume is the most effective version control system?

2019-05-04 17:38:05
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I have actually made use of a plethora of version control systems in my lengthy background:

  • RPPT - (Rolls of Punched Paper Tape). In a footwear box. I'm not joking.
  • PVCS - (Polytron Version Control System). The first actual VCS I made use of.
  • SCCS - as long earlier, I do not bear in mind any kind of point incredibly excellent or negative concerning it.
  • RCS - as others have actually mentioned, prefer to draw perspiring donkey rounds.
  • CVS - it was just a discomfort when made use of with even more after that 2 designers. best attribute : rcs2cvs.
  • VSS - it functions, other than on tuesdays, when it damages your whole database.
  • Dependently - prices greater than my auto. The VCS itself serves, yet the dickhead IT individuals that regulate every facet of utilizing it will certainly never ever land it on my "favored" checklist.
  • SVN - branching and also combining is a bitch, yet as a whole it is far better than any one of the previous. Not so excellent with great deals of little superior adjustments waiting for testimonial.
  • Unstable - what little experience I do have with it, I such as. I could attempt it on my next task.
  • Git - never ever had the possibility to utilize it.

Although a pair were scaries, the majority of were "great". They really did not enter my means. As long as a device does not make my life dramatically harder , I do not actually mind.

The actual point is to recognize the toughness and also weak points of each. Recognize the target setting:

  • dispersed or neighborhood
  • tiny group or huge
  • organized vcs solution or otherwise
  • very easy assimilation right into various other devices

Joel additionally brought out a vital monitoring : Learn the device and also its real version of usage. He battled strongly attempting to make Mercurial act like Subversion.

2019-05-18 05:16:14


Or, if you take place not to have actually been living a cavern for the last 38 years, CSSC .

Seriously, my firm is making use of TeamWare, which is a sort of quasi DVCS based upon SCCS.

No, I'm not joking.

Sunlight switched over to unstable from TeamWare just a couple of years earlier. Currently you need to recognize why Java appeared to relocate so slow-moving.

2019-05-17 06:27:31

I would not claim the most effective, yet one with really intriguing attributes and also principles.

Fossil is a dispersed version control, bug monitoring and also wiki task improved SQLite data source as database.

2019-05-16 20:55:30

RCS - Revision Control System

Solo coding made so very easy.

2019-05-16 20:48:37

I do not have a solitary "ideal" version control system, yet instead a solitary ideal VCS standard.

I have actually made use of numerous various systematized version control systems and also numerous various dispersed version control systems. And also I can claim readily that noone need to ever before bring upon a CVCS upon themselves.

I uncommitted which DVCS you pick (my certain fave is Git), yet please do on your own a support and also make use of a DVCS. For one : you will certainly be far more adaptable. DVCSs can trivially mimic a CVCS operations (simply never ever fork the database, and also treat your neighborhood databases just as a chache as opposed to an independent fork), whereas the reverse is difficult. And also while practically, doing this emulation needs to lug some expenses (and also without a doubt it does), I still locate it less complicated to make use of (as well as far more performant as a result of the neighborhood caching) than any one of the CVCSs I have actually made use of.

2019-05-12 12:17:09

The adhering to quote from Q4TD virtually sums it up for me:

" I enjoyed Git till I attempted it. Currently I enjoy Mercurial."

-- Tor Norbye, The Java Posse Podcast

Also, hgsubversion makes a respectable subversion customer for Linux (where I generally make use of the command line, unlike Windows where I generally make use of TortoiseSVN). The largest benefit : no .svn below - folder in every folder, simply a .hg on top degree.

Update: In feedback to Alex's demand in the remarks to "claim even more concerning why git really did not benefit you, and also just how Mercurial functioned far better":

I would not claim that Git does not benefit me, yet Murcurial does function far better IMO.

In short, this is Mercurial:

and also this is Git:

And I insist that Mercurial will certainly do every little thing most programmers will certainly require it to do, without needing to seek out the guidebook to identify just how to do the day-to-day points.

Unquestionably, I've just made use of Git periodically, yet the shows area has actually been going gaga over languages like Ruby and also Python, partly, for their brevity and also style, whereas Git seems like a camel that was made by a board of camels.

Bah, currently consider what you've done? There is tirade everywhere. Relocate along, absolutely nothing to see ... absolutely nothing to see ...

Update 2: And an additional apropos tweet I simply found:

" Git obtains less complicated once you get the keynote that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert room."

2019-05-12 11:38:20


Git's superb, and also I would specifically advise it to any person working on open resource tasks : it's a whole lot less complicated to add a tiny, one-off adjustment to a task on Git, specifically if its organized on GitHub, than it is managing e-mailing spots concerning with SVN.

One large caution for Windows customers : Git's Windows devices, though most definitely able to be used, aren't fairly approximately damage. When I was compelled to make use of Windows for some time, I experimented with Mercurial's Windows user interface with an Hg-Git assimilation device so I can utilize my Git databases, and also located that a whole lot less complicated to make use of.

2019-05-08 04:15:27

Can't claim that I've run into the most effective version control software program, yet I can inform you to steer clear of from VSS and also MKS. Both are pets that need to be stayed clear of in all prices.

2019-05-08 04:06:29


Because of it's innovative capacity to branch and also combine code, it is the most effective I've made use of. The entire DVCS standard simply makes a lot feeling. I've not made use of Git, yet I intend that it certifies too.

2019-05-08 03:29:07

Warning : Since this blog post I've located Mercurial and also enjoy it better than SVN. So this blog post is a little bit outdated with the Pro SVN remarks and also basic anti-DVCS, yet the anti-git things is still pertinent

I'm a follower of SVN over Git.

Why? Due to the fact that SVN was a lot easier for a solitary programmer or tiny group, and also git (especially msysgit) left me with a negative preference in my mouth.

When I was interning at a tiny store, I was presented to git on Windows. I quickly saw the quantity of job it required to get it to collaborate with Github. First, I needed to create a ssh exclusive key, paste the general public type in Github, after that raise contest and also open my exclusive key each time I intended to push, which was exceptionally aggravating.

And also I never ever actually suched as that I was taking down the whole database. I will certainly confess that I never ever collaborated with anything massive, yet I would certainly hesitate to download and install KDE's database in Git if the whole repo and also its alterations get on my HD.

After that there was the complex procedure to make a devote. TMK, I needed to first "phase" all the documents I intended to devote (which drew when you had several several documents, took me a while to locate the hand-operated command to phase every little thing), after that do the devote, after that push to the major repo (why is that a different procedure?!).

You additionally had the not (!) really handy devote information. Oh look, this is devote 14f74433245ae17aeeaa component of tree 2167a4934d0a4a7db0de and also moms and dad d7042abb4821d3faf600. The heck does that suggest? I need to have the ability to identify points rather promptly and also not need to get in touch with some unusual documents.

Mentioning documents, at the very least when I was utilizing it, it appeared every little thing remained in linux male documents layout, IE complex and also pointless to me. I hardly ever can locate much aid in the docs and also merely considered google.

And also with devotes, the one point that I really did not such as was the absence of variation numbers. Currently I recognize that this is as a result of the layout of git, yet any kind of software program requires a variation number. I still bear in mind the pen devotes that would certainly turn up claiming "Changed variation to 1.8.6" or something comparable, yet you still could not do construct numbers. To me having the variation be (tail end is alteration number) informs me a whole lot greater than merely 1.8.6 and also a note claiming that something small transformed, attempt it

Getting software program details, the base program on Windows is msysgit, which is a dreadful user interface. It secured on me a couple of times, had a dreadful user interface, and also CLI-GUI assimilation was doubtful at ideal. The command line addicts around me despised the gui a lot more.

Currently allows consider SVN. And also given that I'm on Windows and also have a google account, especially TortoiseSVN and also Google Code.

First, full covering assimilation to do every little thing on the database (and also for you linux individuals, RabbitVCS does the very same point), no major GUI required. Obtaining a database is very easy as a check out, no SSH required (can not bear in mind if Github called for SSH for pulls), and also no whole repo + all previous devotes remaining on your HD.

Devoting is extremal very easy, mostly due to the fact that no SSH or hosting is called for. You merely examine all the documents you desire making use of the really handy select all alternative that in my msysgit variation had not been readily available, key in a devote message, and also struck devote. Google Code after that asks you for your login details (which most customers store), and also your done. Straightforward, very easy, and also no SSH

Version numbers? With some very easy code, you can add a variation number and also a devote number to all check outs, that makes points a lot less complicated. You additionally get useful variation numbers that in fact show an adjustment, eg is more recent than

Documents? Well, its tough to claim. Turtle is recorded, yet I have not in fact described the main documents in such a long period of time that I can not evaluate. Reviewing a straightforward introductory overview sufficed for me.

Combining is something else I can not contrast. I needed to do it as soon as in Git when someone else devoted an adjustment to a documents I was working with, yet never ever in SVN.

Which one would certainly I advise? Well in huge groups, git does have its benefits, mostly in its non-linear growth cycle. In an additional task I saw 4 designers start in different branches, after that combine all the code in really weird manner ins which in some way changed right into the last master branch. Github and also msysgit had an actually wonderful visualization device for the entire task that I actually suched as.

For solitary programmer or tiny group tasks, SVN would certainly be the most effective given that a lot of Gits attributes aren't made use of and also your only obtaining its adverse components. Simpleness is such a wonderful point

2019-05-08 02:36:49