What are the various individualities of Civilization V leaders?

I've seen various leaders in Civilization V have various "personalities" - i.e. various means of gameplay and also various means of performing diplomacy. As an example, Russia and also Mongolia are really keen on increasing, while Gandhi stresses society and also joy ; the English construct a great deal of marine devices ; it feels like it is very easy to encourage Alexander to head to battle ; China likes scientific research triumph ; etc

These points are necessary to recognize when managing various other human beings and also when intending lengthy - term approaches. Can any person give a harsh checklist of these "personalities", or reroute me to someplace that details them?

2019-12-02 02:47:42
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The tastes of the Civilization V leaders are detailed in XML files in the folder Assets\Gameplay\XML\Leaders. There is one documents per leader.

Each taste like as an example FLAVOR_SCIENCE or FLAVOR_GROWTH has actually a value related to it, the greater that value is the extra the AI values that taste and also concentrates on it.

The programmers additionally mentioned that those tastes are changed arbitrarily a little bit when a new video game is begun, you can not trust them being constantly the very same.

There are additionally diplomacy modifiers in those files, yet we can just presume what those specifically suggest.

2019-12-03 04:07:17