How to arrange order of items in internet site making use of zen cart

I am presently creating an internet site making use of zen cart and also i virtually have actually every little thing done yet i am facing a mild trouble. When I am placing things up that have numbers in them (ie. 10mm, 20mm) they are not being presented in the appropriate order. As opposed to going

10mm, 20mm90mm, 100mm, 110mm

it is going

10mm, 100mm, 110mm.190 mm, 20mm, 200mm, 210mm

Does any person recognize just how to arrange this out due to the fact that it is driving me crazy : (


2019-12-02 02:47:50
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This thread on the zen cart forums referrals the very same trouble with mathematical sorting that you define. The reply recommends making use of each item is 'type' area to bypass the default sorting.

I would certainly recommend submitting a bug record for this concern in their Bug Report forum.

2019-12-03 04:07:22