ADB frequently separates, reveals tool offline

I'm not 100% certain if this needs to go below or the major Stack Overflow, yet I determined to select this location in hope I could capture a person with even more details experience with a comparable trouble.

I have a Samsung Captivate (enjoy it minus it is bad GPS). I do growth for it from 2 various computer systems, one in the house, one at the workplace. The equipments are both Windows XP, Service Pack 3, 32 little bit. I have the very same Samsung vehicle drivers mounted, very same variations of Eclipse, etc The phone is presently rooted running the Serendipity mod, though this concern was specifically the very same on the supply firmware.

My residence equipment (the trouble one) is an Athlon 64 2.2 Ghz. My job equipment is a Core 2 Duo, do not remember the version.

At the workplace, I can do anything, place the sdcard on the phone and also duplicate conveniently, usage adb to push, draw, uninstall, install. I can debug in ddms, install via Eclipse, etc, etc ...

At residence, if I reboot both the computer system and also phone and also bring up a command motivate without having Eclipse open, I MIGHT be able to see the tool by keying adb tools. Generally after that, I can clear the logcat or run the logcat rather secure. If I open Eclispe (my growth IDE) and also attempt to run a new construct of an application, I'll usually shed the link. The very same point takes place if I attempt to replicate documents either using placing or making use of pull with adb. Some documents will certainly replicate, and also instantly the link will certainly be gone and also the tool will certainly show offline to adb, or otherwise in the checklist in all, or detailed offline two times. Restarting the phone occasionally aids, yet not constantly. There are times I close Eclipse and also every various other application, reboot my phone and also still wind up having adb entirely incapable to identify the tool. I'll make use of adb eliminate - server and also adb start - server yet this usually does not aid. I make use of Avast for my anti - infection in the house, yet have actually attempted with no anti - infection mounted in all and also it coincides. I've lately re-installed Windows as a result of a disk drive crash and also it was the specific very same. I've attempted every various USB port on my tower.

I wish VERY much a person can inform me what is incorrect as I've been managing this for a year and also a fifty percent currently and also it will make me shed my mind.

- Jeremiah

2019-12-02 02:47:57
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Same concern below ; I make use of adb on gnu/linux without added vehicle drivers.

Workaround Solution : disconnect and also replug USB

2019-12-04 04:16:33

I made use of to have the very same troubles as well as additionally my logcat would certainly clear and also stop upgrading in Eclipse, the distinction is I got on a main Samsung ROM after that. After I switched over to Darky is ROM the security has actually been better. Still, every so often the tool goes away, yet generally it re-emerges after reattaching the USB. My COMPUTER is a bit various from your own (Atom D525, Win7) so I can validate it is not limited to a solitary device/OS.

I would certainly recommend reflashing the ROM or upgrading when possible. Or you can attempt it with an additional phone to see if it is a mistake details to your phone. On the various other hand, ADB isn't the stablest of software program, so maybe simply aggravating missteps.

2019-12-03 01:28:53

To me it appears you have some negative equipment or vehicle drivers in the house. See to it you do not have anything pertaining to Kies running ; Kies+Samsung Windows Drivers appear to create irregular actions on USB link that varies in between equipments ...

Try various USB ports and also wires first, tho.

2019-12-03 01:28:12