Uninstall system application fell short making use of 'adb covering pm uninstall'

I tried to compel uninstall in ADB, yet fell short :

$ adb shell pm uninstall -k org.openintents.filemanager
$ adb shell pm list packages -f | grep -i manager

What failed below? What can I do?

I made use of the inner application supervisor and also there isn't an alternative to delete it.

2019-12-02 02:48:08
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Edit : when I saw the comment to CommonsWare solution I did not understand it coincided as the asker ... anyways, a little description might serve for someone.

As on your own commented, the most convenient means to uninstall a system application is simply to delete the .apk documents. The adb install/ adb uninstall commands serve for normal applications, not system applications . Given that this apk lies in /system/app, adb uninstall will certainly not remove it.

You can make use of the command recommended (rm /system/app/YourApp.apk), yet prior to the /system folder require to have write accessibility. You will certainly require to see just how to remount /system in your details tool, attempt searchig for "android remount +rw /system" and also your tool).

Conversely, you might make use of any kind of application that can do both removal and also remounting and also has origin accessibility, such as Root Explorer and also Astro

2019-12-03 04:17:21