USB mouse ices up

A straightforward Microsoft Optical mouse 1000 (USB) that runs flawlessly on Windows, panics under Ubuntu 10.x and also Fedora 1x after concerning 10 mins of making use of the OS.

Rebooting, the very same trouble shows up once more in a couple of mins.

Surprisingly, the trouble does not take place when Ubuntu is mounted in Oracle VirtualBox VM. Mounting Ubuntu "as usual" (i.e. not in a VM), creates the trouble to take place.

Has any kind of one below encountered the very same trouble or have a remedy for it? Possibly making use of a various mouse that is recognized to collaborate with Ubuntu 10.x?

If it aids my system is : Asus P5NSLI motherboard (nVidia nForce 570 chipset), 4 GB RAM
Ubuntu 10.10 describes "32 bit" variation of Ubuntu

It appears that Ubuntu has a great deal of all types of freeze issues.
Can a person advise a variation of Ubuntu that is rather current and also secure? I plan to make use of Ubuntu for Ruby on Rails growth.

2019-12-02 02:48:21
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Activate recommended updates and also upgrade your system. If that does not aid, install Lucid bit (2.6.32). And also last oportunity for you - install and also make use of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), it is rather secure.

EDIT : If Lucid is cold additionally, attempt really last bit from bit PPA

2019-12-03 04:11:57