How can I run Unity 11.04 in qemu?

I intend to attempt Ubuntu Natty with the Unity Desktop and also the Compiz Support from the PPA in qemu. Yet I can not get the Graphic Support to run Unity.

Is it feasible to get compositing keeping up qemu?

2019-12-02 02:48:37
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The brief solution is : you can not. Unity calls for 3D assistance, and also while it would certainly be practically feasible ¹ to do this with the software program 3D rasteriser, it'll be slow-moving.

Regarding I'm mindful, qemu does not (yet) sustain virtualised 3D velocity. Virtualbox does, as does VMWare. It needs to be feasible to run Unity in among those VMs.

¹ : mesa is swrast is missing out on some essential capability, so it additionally calls for code to be created prior to this would certainly function.

2019-12-03 04:17:16