maximum rectangular shape around a team of works with (longitude and also latitude)

Okay, I remain in no other way a math pupil yet I took place to be creating a program on a map with works with of areas presented on the map.

My trouble is that the factors can be spread on the map with an uncertain border and also I require to locate a border (rectangular shape) around these factors and also hence I require to get a formula to create an algorithm to make sure that the program will certainly locate the optimum border itself.

I wish this is easy to understand and also many thanks in expectancy of any kind of feedback.

2019-12-02 02:49:08
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If the sides of the rectangular shape have to be straightened with the sides of the map, you can simply take the maximum and also minimum works with in each instructions. If you permit approximate alignment of the rectangular shape you have a one dimensional reduction trouble. You can calculate the works with of each factor as a function of turning angle, once more take the maximum and also minimum in each measurement, compute the border, and also decrease over the turning angle.

If you are not committed to a rectangular shape, possibly you would certainly favor the convex hull of your factors. There are reliable formulas to locate it and also it does not require the reduction. It additionally has a smaller sized border yet.

2019-12-03 04:09:29