Can I secure apple iphone 3G to EEE Pad Transformer?

This is rather simmilar to Can I Bluetooth tether my Android to iPhone?, yet given that it is 7 months old and also comes from various Android variation, I will certainly ask once more.

I intend to acquire EEE Pad Transformer (which features Honeycomb) and also I intend to secure it with my apple iphone 3G, which sustains just Bluetooth tethering. Will that be feasible? (I will certainly make clear - I intend to secure the 3G link, that I carry apple iphone, to EEE Pad)

I recognize that the inquiry is half concerning apple iphone, yet I assume it is extra concerning Android, given that I recognize bluetooth tethering works with apple iphone 3G end, I simply need to know if it will certainly work with recieving upright EEE Pad Transformer.

2019-12-02 02:49:37
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Tethering an iOS tool to an android tool will certainly create a wormhole to open and also draw them both in. I do not advise it.

the non-sarcastic response to bt tethering on honeycomb

2019-12-03 04:43:28