Doom - II - like red blinking screen

I desire my screen to blink red to make sure that it looks comparable to obtaining struck by a rocket in Doom II, ideally making use of cli devices. I've seen that redshift does something comparable simply way also slow-moving so I attempted making use of xrandr yet could not identify just how to do what I desire effectively. Can xrandr (cli) do this and also if so, just how?

Additionally I'm making use of compiz. Possibly there is a means to do it with compiz making use of dbus - send?

2019-12-02 02:50:00
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There is a not really enjoyable remedy I located that blinks for.1 sec.

sh -c 'redshift -o -t 1600:1500 -l 53:15&' ;sleep .1; redshift -l 53:15 -x

But it would certainly be better if it would certainly phase in from red to regular like it generally does making use of redshift.

Edit : Well well, this'll need to do for currently I presume.

2019-12-03 04:09:03