Wheel practices for HTC Desire (setup alarm)

A number of days ago I was establishing my alarm on my HTC Desire (rooted and also blinked with InsertCoin) when I became aware an actually trendy practices with the wheel whilst picking the 'mins'.

Primarily, despite just how promptly I flipped it would certainly stop at 00,15,30,45. ie. it would certainly be scrolling rather quickly, yet would certainly shake to a stop and also stop at '15'

Now, I really did not actually think of it that a lot, apart from "wow this is trendy, do not remember this before"

However, currently I can not appear to duplicate the very same practices - when I flip the wheel it simply scrolls and also at some point reduces to a stop at any kind of old number ...

Just asking yourself, did I in some way do something unique to cause the "smart scroll"? Has any person else seen comparable practices with the scrolling wheel?

2019-12-02 02:50:17
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Answers: 1

On my Desire with InsertCoin 1.1.0 (CM7+Sense) the "smart scroll" attribute is just energetic on the scroller for defining the consultation time in the schedule.

2019-12-03 04:11:12