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How good is it for SEO if you have a widget that lives on other sites?

I'm making a ballot widget that individuals can place on their internet sites, and also the widget will certainly have web links to my website (partially for capability and also partially for SEO).

I would certainly such as to make the widget such that my major website, obtains the SEO advantages, and also I'm not exactly sure which strategies for making a widget would certainly complete that. Below is what I am assuming :

  • Creating a widget specified by <div> tags that individuals would certainly install in their website - - This appears particular to offer my website the SEO advantages, yet it feels like it could be extra benefit the individual making use of the widget to get it to function right and also look wonderful.
  • Making use of an iframe - - I assume that the iframe link would certainly get the SEO advantage and also not my internet site, which would certainly be connected to from the materials of the iframe.
  • Google Gadget - - I do not recognize just how this functions yet.

What would certainly be the most effective means to make an internet widget to make best use of the SEO advantages for my internet site?

2019-12-02 02:50:50
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I would certainly do the first strategy.

The <iframe> simply appears excessive and also the Google Gadgets strategy lots the Widget using a <script> tag in the <body>, which will not work with Google is internet spider.

2019-12-03 04:13:23