Is there a maximum variety of documents per directory site or maximum directory site dimension?

Lately I made a directory site with > 20,000 tiny mp3 documents in it. Not all the documents efficiently replicated throughout from my computer and also if I attempted to add anymore I obtained a mistake message comparable to - 'Unable to create the documents'. I thought I had actually gotten to some type of system restriction, yet I was simply presuming. Samsung galaxy tab.

2019-12-02 02:51:19
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This, actually, isn't an android inquiry, it connects even more to submit systems.

The constraint is set by the file system. FAT32 can have 65,536 access. Each documents and also subdirectory extracts from 2 to thirteen access, relying on the size of its name.

There is one access that hold the Short (8.3) name of the documents name. If the real name does not fit that access, after that there will certainly be one to twelve even more access, each of which holds 13 bytes of the complete name.

The dimension of the documents itself, does not have make a distinction, unless the documents is bigger the 4GB, which is the maximum documents dimension for a file in FAT32.

You can find out more on the FAT32 Spec if you desire here.

2019-12-03 04:14:09