Statistics - Correlation in between 2 collections of information

If i recognize the methods and also typical inconsistencies of 2 collections of information, and also i recognize the incline of the regression line, just how can I locate the correlation?


Sample 1

SD : 12.37

Sample 2

SD : 7.00

Slope of regression line : 0.789

2019-12-02 02:52:51
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The formula is $$r = b_1 \frac{s_x}{s_y},$$ where $r$ is the correlation, $b_1$ is the incline, and also $s_x$ and also $s_y$ are the typical inconsistencies of the independent $(x)$ and also reliant $(y)$ variables, specifically.

A reference is Wikipedia is web page on simple linear regression. See the formula for $\hat{\beta}$.

2019-12-03 04:16:50