Just how can I stay clear of being identified as a contaminated in left 4 dead 2?

I constantly get captured playing as a contaminated despite just how excellent I hide (due to the fact that the contaminated make sounds).

What would certainly be an excellent method to decrease discovery?

2019-05-04 17:47:34
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For Jockey , an excellent strategy for me was to generate near a high ground and also ride them to a walk and also make them drop. Yes, you pass away ... yet you respawn. They do not.

Additionally, a good idea is to incorporate spitter and also jockey . Maintain them in the goo as long as you can. (additionally can get a success there)

In reality the most effective minutes to strike with the jockey are when the crowd is striking or when among the survivors is left.

2019-05-10 22:25:14

Don't hide and also eliminate as quickly as feasible. They will not hear you if they are currently dead. :)

2019-05-08 04:57:38

Hang back and also never ever strike a team. Await among the survivors to hang back and afterwards act promptly.

A lot of the moment the survivors will not trouble increasing back to eliminate you, so remaining behind them will certainly aid you survive much longer.

Additionally : synergy! Collaborate with your colleagues and also collaborate your strikes. Once more, act promptly.

2019-05-08 04:30:07

Don't generate till the last feasible minute or they'll hear you.

Below are several of my approaches :

  • Boomer - He's slow-moving, so do not attempt going after survivors. Enter front of them and also generate as they're occurring an edge, or decline from a greater area in between them and also shock 'em.
  • Cigarette smoker - I generally await a Boomer to strike and also as quickly as he takes off on them I order one, due to the fact that they're all blind and also deaf for a couple of secs. This offers me adequate time to do some damages. He's additionally efficient ordering survivors off walks and also high areas.
  • Battery charger - I await the survivors to get in a collection like in a slim flow and afterwards attempt to ram them all as it will certainly take a number of secs for them to rise and also eliminate you. He's additionally excellent to lead survivors back and also to postpone them by billing among them throughout a cross country.
  • Spitter - Just hide and also spew. Shut out of view, as she is slow-moving and also passes away promptly. Your spit can jump off wall surfaces; usage that to spew without revealing on your own. If they've been struck by a Boomer and also are obtaining struck by usual contaminated after that spew at them, as striking crowd reduces them down.
  • Jockey - Not a large follower, yet I generally wait till the others strike and afterwards creep in, order one, and also ride off right into the sundown. You can make use of walks and also high cliffs to your benefit and also stroll a survivor off them. Also if they hold on, the remainder of the group will certainly either require to return and also raise him up, or leave him hanging and also play the remainder of the degree down one survivor. Additionally, functions well in tandem with a Spitter.
  • Seeker - Hunter is quiet when standing as well as additionally runs quickly; make use of that to add to weak survivors from behind and also do a scrape and also run. Additionally, striking from really high will certainly do a great deal of damages. I generally utilize him to penalize any kind of survivors attempting to free a colleague from a Smoker or Charger.
2019-05-07 18:28:38