Easy Bootloader for USB Thumb Drives

Are there any kind of bootloaders made for usb drives that make it very easy too numerous circulations and also energies.

I've mounted sysrescuecd, supergrub, best boot cd and also various other numerous linux distros on my usb drive. The unsatisfactory point is all their installation guidelines make it the only point that boots from your drive, and also usb drives can store alot greater than one energy.

So I was asking yourself if any person has actually made and also very easy application to arrangement a multiboot setting on a usb drive.

Many thanks

2019-12-02 02:54:09
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I such as making use of grub for my multiboot USB tools. grub4dos was not trusted sufficient in my examinations. Isolinux/syslinux job penalty yet aren't as adaptable as grub.

It is rather straightforward to expand the menu.lst/ grub.cfg either statically along with on - need (many thanks to tab conclusion in the grub covering ). grml2usb of grml.org need to offer you a suggestion just how to get a functioning multiboot USB arrangement.

Pointer : grub2 brings a wonderful attribute called 'loopback'. Making use of the loopback module/option it is feasible to straight boot an (iso9660) ISO without needing to by hand extract kernel/initrd/ from it. The adhering to fragment is an arrangement instance for the grml Linux Live system :

menuentry "grml-rescue system - ISO = grml-small_2009.05.iso" {
  loopback loop (hd0,1)/grml/grml-small_2009.05.iso
  linux    (loop)/boot/grmlsmall/linux26 findiso=/grml/grml-small_2009.05.iso boot=live quiet vga=791 noeject noprompt
  initrd   (loop)/boot/grmlsmall/initrd.gz
2019-12-04 07:30:29

Partitions - if you can cope with the relaxed room shed.

  • Dividing 1 - distro that updates the mbr grub, install grub right into mbr. Chainload all various other partitions/distros

  • Partition 2 - distro 2 - grub filled right into boot field of dividing 2

  • Partition 3 - distro 3 - grub filled right into boot field of dividing 3

  • Partition 4 - expanded dividing

  • Partition 5 - shared information dividing

  • Partition 6 - distro 4 - grub filled right into boot field of dividing 6

  • As much more partitions/distros as required

Each distro can be mounted making use of unetbootin or the distro is typical install treatments as long as you bear in mind to constantly load grub right into the dividing as opposed to MBR then in each distro is typical installment. If you desire you can load partition/distro 1 right into the dividing and also load a "master" grub/syslinus/lilo, etc to chainload the various other dividings. I locate it less complicated to simply have distro 1 be the "master" (load grub right into mbr) and also have all various other distro is be chainloaded.

2019-12-04 05:03:48

Windows Vista and also 7 have all the energies you require to create a bootable USB drive.


checklist disk

select disk 1


create dividing key

select dividing 1


layout fs = NTFS



bootsect/ nt60 g :

Replace the number 1 and also q : with the ideal drive.

2019-12-04 05:01:15


I've made use of Grub4Dos to make a functioning multiboot USB drive personalized with several bootable installers and also energies, yet it was much from very easy. I've checked out an excellent little bit and also I'm rather particular there is no application that does all the MBR arrangement and also bootloader config benefit you.

Below is one overview if you want doing it the hand-operated means : http://informationinsecurity.com/?p=94

2019-12-03 04:25:40

possibly "unetbootin dot sf dot net" or among the web links stated ther ("gujin dot sourceforge dot net") will certainly get you began.

2019-12-03 00:40:04

The most convenient means I've done this is to make use of the Slax maker (wont allow me upload a link, sorry) to create your bootable USB key (with slax mounted), after that change the resulting bootloader config documents and also load your very own images/utilities. It is rather uncomplicated to make a BartPE/SLAX combination usb key in this manner.

2019-12-03 00:35:40