Best strategy to have Google index web content largely created by Javascript

I'm creating an application where consumers can decrease in a Javascript tag onto their internet site, and also it will certainly create web content. What is the most effective strategy to have Google index this web content and also associate it with the website is URL.

I recognize that Google does not execute JS, so I'm considering various angles. I can have Google index the web content on the website where the web content is comping from (not the consumer is website) yet after that it clearly will be indexed with the incorrect URL. Could I in some way get Google to present a various URL? Exists an additional strategy to get Google to index web content from an additional website yet associate it with

The restraints are :

  • The consumer internet site can just decrease in one area of code (preferably a JS tag).
  • I have complete control of the initial web content, albeit on a various website.
  • The consumer internet site can not do any kind of web server - side handling to especially address this.

Preferably, the internet site visitors would certainly see the JS created web content when watching the website, yet Google crawler would certainly get fed web content from an additional website (which coincides web content, yet from the raw resource). I simply do not recognize just how to do this without JS.

2019-12-02 02:54:53
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Your "tag" can be a mix of an A component and also fragment of javascript. The href of the A component indicate a crawlable web page with your web content, planned to be seen by internet search engine and also those without javascript. For customers with javascript, the A component obtains changed with the vibrant web content (it can parse the href to establish which web content to offer, to streamline points for those that intend to drop it right into their website). Customers without javascript (and also consequently internet search engine) will certainly see a link to the web content.

Additionally, on the web content web page, you can make use of javascript to send customers back to the vibrant web page. In this way, if a person gets here using internet search engine, they'll most likely to the web page that connected them there.

It is testing to set it up so it does not make it intricate for individuals to drop your vibrant web content right into their website, yet should not be that tough.

2019-12-03 04:37:29

From what I recognize you are providing web content from your website to customer websites, and also you desire the customer websites to get the representative for the web content?

Google does currently parse some JavaScript, though not all of it and also not continually. Your ideal little bit would certainly be to adhere to the link @Shaz gave and also collaborate with your customers to implement that.

However, that does position some constraints on your customers' URL frameworks yet I do not recognize of otherwise to do this.

2019-12-03 00:47:03