Any Way to run Mac OSX software program under Windows?

I recognize that you cannot run MacOSX within a digital equipment, yet I wonder if there is something comparable to WINE that mimics MacOSX sufficient to permit running some MacOSX software program under Windows. Perhaps even via application virtualization?

Update : The website has a great deal of pointers of different applications on various systems.

Many thanks!

2019-12-02 02:55:01
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In short, no.

There is a task to run Mac binaries on Windows, yet when I located it, concerning a year earlier, it was a lengthy means from accurately running straightforward Mach - O binaries, not to mention mimicing all the structures most GUI applications call for (Cocoa, CoreImage and also the sort). I do not remember the name of the task, and also it really did not appear really energetic at the time

There is Cocotron, "an open resource task which intends to implement a cross - system Objective - C API comparable to that defined by Apple Inc.'s Cocoa documentation" - yet I do not assume this is what you desire.

Once more, no, there is absolutely nothing like WINE for running Mac software program on Windows, and also actually I question there ever before will certainly be.

The closest you'll likely get is software program being ported (using recompilation, which will certainly entail a great deal of alteration to the resource code), and also as John T claims, there is a lot of equal software program which will certainly be much far better incorporated with Windows.

2019-12-03 04:57:57

To day there actually is no application which does this well, although I'm certain there have actually been a great deal of efforts. Your best choice is to locate different software program. The majority of software program nowadays has an equivalent which does virtually the very same point on a various os.

2019-12-03 04:38:54