Origin of the Qin Shi Huang music motif in Civilization 4?

I've been attempting to recognize the music that is listened to while one talks diplomacy with Qin Shi Huang in Civilization 4. The tune has actually been embeded my go to a while currently, and also I would certainly such as to recognize what it is I maintain whistling.

Regretfully, it is not detailed on the Wikipedia article about music in Civilization 4.

Given that I have actually not played any kind of various other video games in the collection, it is totally feasible the motif is a remake of music from an older video game in the Civilization collection.

Does any person recognize even more concerning this music motif?

For reference : I'm speaking about this track :

2019-12-02 02:55:12
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I think thats an initial track for civilization 4. It is not based upon an existing track as I really did not locate any kind of referrals to any kind of track on cd. Yet to ensure I would merely send an email to the video game assistance group and also I assume they can validate this.

When it comes to the songs the video game currently has you can simply download and install that youtube video clip and also extract the audio. Conversely, if you desire I can get the video game from a close friend and also attempt to locate/rip the track for you.

Nonetheless, I assume you can locate songs comparable to the this set conveniently. Simply look for Chinese symphonic music on youtube.

2019-12-03 02:28:07