How can I add birthday celebrations with automated age to Google Calendar?

Exists any kind of means to add a birthday celebration to my Google Calendar as if the age is upgraded instantly?

As an example, if I was born upon May 2nd, 1980, after that I would certainly such as the access for 2011 to claim, "Nathan is 31st birthday", and also for 2012 to claim, "Nathan is 32nd birthday", and more.

Can this be done?

2019-12-02 02:55:20
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You can do this yet you first require to inhabit the Birthday area in your calls.

After you have actually done this, most likely to Google Calendar :

  • In the left hand pane click Add > Browse Interesting Calendars
  • Click the More tab
  • Select Contacts' birthdays and events
  • Click Subscribe
  • Click Back to Calendar

IIRC, the Google Calendar does not give alerts for these occasions.

To receive alerts you will possibly need to make use of a Third Party Application - among these Apps being (I have not utilized this application I located it using a Google search)


Sorry I missed out on possibly one of the most integral part of the inquiry - I am rather certain you can not present the age. This attribute demand has actually been superior for fairly time currently. There is this userscript that includes the age to the occasion.

2019-12-03 03:44:58