What is the fastest means to level up without eliminating many individuals?

After ending up the ready every feasible intrigue, I'm thinking of playing once more from the beginning, perhaps even in hardcore setting. What goals are the most effective to degree - up promptly? By this I suggest, what are some very easy goals which hand out a great deal of experience? I do not intend to eliminate a great deal of individuals ; I could also attempt not to eliminate any person. Any kind of suggestions? I assume I will certainly additionally overlook locks and also computer systems given that I've done them all in the past. In my initial playthrough, I made the blunder of doing a great deal of side goals, so I shed the capacity to degree - up promptly.

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I'm not also certain what the fastest means is to level up without eliminating individuals. I gave a link listed below with all the pursuits feasible in results :NV. As you can visualize there is a substantial quantity of side pursuits, you might intend to check out them and also establish which ones entail no murder.


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I'm experiencing a comparable activity myself now - - I'm attempting to eliminate as couple of human beings as feasible. (I made an exemption for Benny, and also raiders that strike on view.)

Skills : I recognize you claimed you do not intend to do locks and also computer systems, yet you'll need to for some points, so maintain lockpicking and also scientific research high. Focus on speech - - you can leave a great deal of battles, and also also much better, get XP for it. Possibly go with survival and/or fixing, and also pursue the challenges for crafting.

So some very early - video game goals to aid you out? Miss Primm totally, head right to Mojave Outpost. You'll get Ghost is pursuit there, which simply needs you to head to Nipton. In Nipton, you'll get "Cold, Cold Heart, " which simply needs you to head to Mojave. Easy, non - terrible 250 XP. Very little, yet it'll get you began.

From there, make a beeline to New Vegas, using Novac. In Novac, do Boone is side pursuit, due to the fact that it fasts and also very easy and also non - terrible. In Freeside, take the calm course via G.I. Blues, link the Followers and also the Garretts, and also do the Wang Dang Atomic Tango. As Soon As in New Vegas, go talk with Mr. House and also manage Ring - a - Ding - Ding. Afterwards, you need to have the ability to remove Talent Pool rather promptly and also in harmony.

By the time you survive all this, with probably a little of small side adventurism, and also you need to go to the very least degree 10 or 12.

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