Is there a means to upload a.csv documents to Google Docs making use of a Google Sheets as a layout?

  • I am creating a.CSV documents with an application.
  • I after that upload the.CSV documents to Google Docs, which develops a Google Docs Spreadsheet which is "plain and also white".
  • I after that need to by hand layout the.CSV documents with shades and also vibrant - headers, etc

Is there a means for me to create a Google Sheets and afterwards claim "upload this CSV documents and also utilize this spread sheet as a template"?

2019-12-02 02:55:28
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You can make use of the importData("URL") function to attain your objective.

  1. Post the CSV documents someplace that you can have public accessibility to (I recommend Dropbox or and also you'll endup with something like
  2. Go the the first cell that you intend to insert your information and also write : =importData("")
2019-12-03 04:34:40