Most standard, reduced power residence surveillance system

I am thinking about establishing a straightforward yet reliable surveillance system for my residence that is :

  1. Very reduced powered (ideally no PCs left lacking stand - by setting)
  2. Cheap.

When activity (or audio) is identified, I would certainly like it to :

  1. Send an email/phone alert to me
  2. Record and also upload video clip to the internet (in instance they swipe the electronic camera)

So I visualize a system where I leave a netbook COMPUTER in stand - by setting and also have it awakened by an activity detector. This launches software program to send signals and also occasionally upload videotaped video clip to the internet.

The software program component is very easy for me, yet I'm not actually a gizmo - male so I would certainly such as some suggestions on making use of an activity sensing unit of some type to awaken the COMPUTER.

Does any person have some excellent suggestions?

I recognize there are a number of inquiries managing this subject currently (see below : Looking for a moderately priced home surveillance setup, and also below : - I am looking for extra details details with this inquiry.

2019-12-02 02:55:38
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Answers: 2

While this isn't a technical remedy (and also due to the fact that you are not a gizmo individual), have you taken into consideration a pet? You can get them from the pet sanctuary reasonably. There are "maintenance" prices, yet you'll get some purposeful frie-ip in return. You'll additionally give a residence for a pet that requires one. Simply something to take into consideration ...

2019-12-03 04:48:29

Smart - Alec solution first Lowest power residence surveillance system "your eyeballs keeping an eye out the window"

However you could accept of this ... link text

2019-12-03 04:28:09