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I'm not making use of Twitter due to the fact that previously I really did not see the definition of utilizing it. On a public internet site with Twitter assimilation, I've posted a video clip. The customers have re - tweeted my video clip and also I'll such as to recognize what is their comment concerning. I've looked on making use of the search phrase pertinent to my video clip blog post yet I can not locate anything.

Can you offer me some pointers concerning just how to search on Twitter blog posts?

2019-12-02 02:55:40
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Answers: 2

First you require to locate the layout of the tweet that the video clip website creates.

After that locate the message that will certainly correspond throughout all the tweets - more than likely the URL to the video clip. The only instance where it could not be would certainly be if the internet site tracked references and also consequently had an one-of-a-kind URL for each and every customer.

Thinking you can locate this item of one-of-a-kind message simply look for that making use of the Twitter internet site. You can make use of the search capability also if you aren't checked in to Twitter.

2019-12-03 04:32:38

The Twitter search function look for the search phrases that you define in the whole tweet. So contrary to what individuals assume, it is not simply hash tags that make it to the search index of Twitter.

Locate an one-of-a-kind "keyword" that would certainly be stated in the tweet individuals would certainly retweet (like an URL) and also look for that.

Do mind that it spends some time for Twitter to index all tweets, so it might spend some time for your tweet to turn up in the search engine result. (It is virtually the very same with Google, freshly developed internet sites will not show up promptly)

2019-12-03 04:32:28