Will my warranty stand in various other nations if I acquire an iPad in Korea?

I will certainly remain in Korea for 5 months, I'm concerning to acquire an iPad 2 there and also I'll be back in London or France in September. I would love to recognize if my warranty will certainly stand in England or in France in instance something takes place due to the fact that there are no Apple Stores in Korea, yet just stores.

2019-12-02 02:56:17
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Yes. Yet with a price.

From Apple is iPad warranty docs :

If you look for service in a nation that is not the nation of initial acquisition, you will follow all relevant import and also export regulations and also laws and also be in charge of all personalized obligations, V.A.T. and also various other affiliated tax obligations and also costs. Where global service is readily available, Apple might fix or trade malfunctioning items and also get rid of equivalent items and also components that follow neighborhood criteria. Based on relevant regulation, Apple might call for that you equip receipt information and/or follow enrollment needs prior to obtaining warranty service. Resources with even more information on this and also various other issues on getting warranty service are defined listed below.

2019-12-03 04:47:32

From my experience, this will certainly be great. Apple does not appear to be picky concerning warranty cards and so on, they simply take the tool, consider the identification number, which informs when it was acquired. I've had no worry with obtaining tools acquired in the United States serviced in Thailand, as long as it is within the warranty duration. This has actually never ever entailed any kind of added price.

Unlike some firms, Apple appears to approve the fact that nowadays, individuals are really mobile, relocating from one nation to an additional. This is various to, as an example, electronic cameras, where service warranties can be fairly limiting.

2019-12-03 04:42:14