How excellent is it for SEO if you have a widget that survives various other websites?

I made a widget that would preferably survive various other websites. Below is an instance :

I presume given that the widget would certainly link back to me, it would certainly be an SEO increase for my website. Is that proper? Or would certainly it be simply an SEO increase for that certain URL?

If it is simply an SEO increase for the certain URL, it does me little excellent because that web page does not link to any one of my various other web pages.

Am I thinking of this appropriately? Just how are these points commonly took care of to make sure that there is an advantage to my website is SEO?

2019-12-02 02:56:42
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Updated solution

Google does not like links generated from widgets and will penalize sites that use them.

However, some widgets add web links to a website that a web designer did not editorially area and also have support message that the web designer does not regulate. Due to the fact that these web links are not normally positioned, they are taken into consideration an offense of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Old Answer

That widget will certainly do you no excellent as it is a structure which is not SEO pleasant. So the web content inside the widget is basically unseen to the internet search engine. In addition, there is no link to your internet site because HTML so you are not obtaining any kind of web links from that widget anyhow. Primarily this is not just how you intend to make a widget.

You need to have that widget be powered by JavaScript and also make use of the <noscript> tag to add alternative web content that functions if the JavaScript is not readily available for that customer. Because web content you need to link back to your internet site.

As an example :

<script src=""></script>
  <iframe src="">
    <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="Map Widget">
  <p><a href="">This widget provided by</a></p>

That instance makes use of elegant destruction (JavaSCript > iframe > photo > photo alt message) so the web content is readily available to every person (excellent access) and also does not make use of any kind of black hat strategies while still obtaining an actual link to your internet site.

2019-12-03 04:28:07