Limit accessibility to particular Facebook image cds

I recognize it is feasible to specify teams of close friends. Yet just how do I allow/exclude teams to see an image - cd? Is it feasible?

2019-12-02 02:56:44
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Answers: 1

Create a checklist of the close friends that you intend to have the ability to include or exclude for your cd.

After that you require to :

  • Edit your cd
  • In the Privacy fall select Customize
  • Then in the These individuals fall select Specific people
  • Your close friend checklist need to look like you type.

When I examined this originally my close friend checklist did not show up yet as it ends up you can add close friend checklists to the privacy setups.

You need to realize that is a close friend belongs to 2 checklists one of the most limiting approvals are related to your close friend.

More details on Friend Lists can be located here

2019-12-03 04:31:41