How can I search via the participants of a Facebook occasion? (could require FBML)

Context : I carry out a Facebook "event" to examine whether my close friends are secure after the Japan quake. Individuals welcomed their close friends and also currently with 10000 attendees it is difficult to check out to examine whether your close friend is participating in. We require a search attribute.

Inquiry : How can I undergo the participants of a Facebook occasion?
I can create a Facebook application if it is actually essential.

2019-12-02 02:57:05
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You can start below[USER_ID]/events?access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN] in your internet browser

USER_ID is either the username ( or their UID.

That need to offer you one of the most current occasions of that customer. Not a 100% method though (I presume if you made an application you would certainly have the ability to get the proper approvals etc)

The various other means will certainly be the FQL question means.[ACCESS_TOKEN]&query=SELECT rsvp_status from event_member where uid = [UID] and eid = 159815784072458

159815784072458 being the Event ID for your occasion. I attempted it versus customers I recognize for occasions they participated in and also the fql appears to be functioning far better than the Graph in the meantime.

Every one of these questions were done though the internet browser.

2019-12-03 04:35:33