Privacy setup on Facebook for downloading and install images?

Facebook lately relocated me to the new photo visitor, which reveals a download link listed below every picture.
With this download link it is feasible to download complete - resolution initial images. I intend the default is that just the uploader of a photo can redownload the initial, yet I would not mind sharing complete variations of particular images straight via Facebook.

On my latest image, as an example,
Right-click > Save as... supplies me : 185715 _ 182979465077370 115238648518119 369265 7842179 _ n . jpg ( 53KB )
Download obtains me :
172951 _ 182979465077370 115238648518119 369265 7842179 _ o . jpg ( 363KB )

Is there some means to regulate that can and also can not download my initial images?

2019-12-02 02:57:07
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Even if there was an alternative it would certainly be properly pointless as the customer can ideal click over the photo and also conserve the photo making use of the browser context food selection. Nonetheless, this would certainly be the photo as presented as opposed to the greater resolution photo you could have posted.

I've simply examined and also Facebook does not tinker the context food selection.

2019-12-03 04:36:45