Trouble surfing Windows network printers from Mac

In the "Add Printer" dialog Windows area, there are no printers turning up, despite the fact that there are numerous in the workplace.

I assume this could be due to the fact that my Mac is not "logged onto" the Windows domain name where the printers live, yet I can not be particular.

What are some usual debugging actions to detect why a Mac computer system on a Windows network can not surf to a Windows printer?

2019-12-02 02:57:10
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Below are 3 write-ups for attempting to repair this, yet usually you can simply type

smb :// workgroup/server/sharename


smb :// server/sharename

in the windows dialog which need to function if you can not see the printers instantly.

I had troubles printing to windows computer systems at my job and also making use of these write-ups, so what I did was by hand add the printers by IP address.

2019-12-03 05:01:18

Apple is knowledgebase write-up on troubleshooting shared Windows printers defines that printers on a various subnet will not turn up in the Windows dialog of Add Printer. This appears to be the instance for you.

Given that you have the ability to connect to the domain name using smb, you need to have the ability to by hand add the printer (s). Select the "Advanced" switch on top of the Add Printer dialog from your screenshot.

Select "Windows" from the Type dropdown food selection. You can by hand enter the printer is smb URL :


or perhaps

smb://user:[email protected]_Computer_Name/Shared_Printer_Name

Select the ideal vehicle driver and also click "Add".

You can get the complete actions on just how to by hand add a Windows printer from Apple is knowledgebase here.

2019-12-03 05:01:10

One of the first points I generally do (when it uses) is install the Windows Services for UNIX in the equipment with the printer affixed. It has actually dealt with a lot of my troubles. Actually OS X generally "forgets" or is incapable to appropriately recognize using SMB with the remote printer/computer, also when you have either visitor made it possible for or a details customer conserved in your keychain.

Apart from that, attempt by hand surfing to see if you have accessibility to the printer to begin with. If you can by hand reach it, after that you have a discoverability trouble (generally dealt with by the above actions) or the actions aimed in various other solutions.

Wherefore deserves, mounting those solutions on XP equipments is really straightforward and also it is consisted of with the XP CD.

You do not actually state where is the printer attached (Windows Version) so I can just presume. If your printer is affixed to Windows 7, I would certainly have a look at the various other solutions prior to freaking out.

2019-12-03 05:01:07