Filtering Apache newsletter e-mails in Gmail

I've simply registered for an Apache mailing list and also would love to remove the inbound e-mails.

Just how do I create a filter to just receive the response to my messages and also not all blog posts from various other customers?

If this is not feasible, just how can I simply receive the mails with [digester ] as the subject line prefix?

2019-12-02 02:57:18
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In Gmail create a filter :
1. In "Create Filter" write right into Subject : -[digester] and also right into "Has the words" write list:[email protected] (depending to which detail you are registered for)
2. In the next action select "Delete it"
This will certainly delete all mails obtained from the newsletter that do not have [digester ] in the subject the minute they get here right into your inbox.

UPGRADE : I could not locate a means to filter by In-Reply-To or References e-mail header made use of by the newsletter to create strings yet you can attempt something similar to this : list:[email protected] (subject:(-[digester]) OR [email protected])
This will certainly maintain additionally sends by mail which contain your e-mail address someplace therefore are most likely to be respond to you.

2019-12-03 04:35:24