Can I utilize my Xbox 360 controller to play PC video games?

I acquired the Prince of Persia trilogy video games the other day at a yard sales and also I intend to play them immediately! I remember them being wonderful on the PS2.

Can I utilize my Xbox 360 controller with my laptop computer? Would certainly I require to acquire a converter of some kind? I'm instantly thinking I require to make use of a wired controller, so share any kind of details on that particular.

2019-12-02 02:57:20
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There are vehicle drivers readily available from Microsoft that permit 360 controller usage, yet I do not recognize just how this needs to user interface with the video games.

For additional information on making use of the 360 controller with video games see this blog post.

Additionally, there is an Xbox design control, constructed by Microsoft that is created PC. That is greater than most likely less complicated to set up for this objective, yet once more I have actually never ever directly made use of one to recognize without a doubt. See here for even more details.

2019-12-03 04:45:26

If you have actually a wired Xbox 360 Controller, it can be made use of by both Windows and also your Xbox 360. You need to install the software program :

As much as I recognize, you do not require the details "PC" variation of the Xbox 360 controller - - they are in fact the very same hardware.

After that either play a video game that sustains the controller straight (most of the more recent video games marked with "Games for Windows") or you will certainly require to install a 3rd event program to "emulate" a regular joystick from your Xbox 360 controller, such as Pinnacle Game Profiler.

Look into an overview below :

2019-12-03 04:30:51

Wired Xbox360 controllers can be made use of on your PC merely by connecting them in.

Wireless controllers can be made use of on your PC if you acquire a Wireless Gaming Receiver. (You can not make use of a Play and Charge cable, however. They just power/recharge the controller, they do not lug information.) One receiver allows you consume to 4 controllers.

2019-12-03 04:29:49