Command to silence and also unmute a microphone

During voice/ video discussions on-line I would love to mute/unmute the microphone without needing to go via all these actions each time :

  • Sound indication, Sound choices, Select Input, Mute or unmute the microphone.

I'm seeking either :

  • an application that can do this from the commandline,
  • a means I can assign a key-board faster way that can mute/unmute the microphone
2019-12-02 02:57:23
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pacmd is the command line user interface to PulseAudio (the sound subsystem made use of in current launches). I do not recognize what the specific command is you would certainly require yet I assume you would certainly intend to have fun with the set-sink-input-mute function.

pacmd is interactive when run without guidelines so you have an excellent possibility to experiment with it and also transform that right into a one - line function for toggling mute.

2019-12-03 05:01:56

You can silence with :

/usr/bin/amixer -q -c 0 sset 'Master',0 mute

Unmute :

/usr/bin/amixer -q -c 0 sset 'Master',0 unmute

You simply require to change 'Master' with the ideal mixer name, on the terminal usage "amixer" to get a checklist of mixer tools.

Concerning establishing the key-board faster way examine the solutions for How can I find which command is bound to a given keyboard shortcut?

2019-12-03 04:59:10

Go to

System Preferences after that Keyboard and also click Shortcuts after that Custom Shortcuts :

Click on Add

Fill in :

Toggle microphone

and also

amixer set Capture toggle

For usb cams you require to picked tool (- c 1), or possibly an additional number.

amixer -c 1 sset Mic toggle

Click Apply and afterwards associate a new key with this command (as an example the Pause/Break key).

2019-12-03 04:07:59