Droid X, just how to remove Motorola Mobile Services?

So I'm made use of to the initial Motorola Droid, I current grabbed a Droid X, and also absolutely nothing appears to be the very same.

To start, I angle add a 2nd Gmail account to the Gmail application, actually, ANY account I attempt to add, whether it be job email, gmail, facebook, etc, I'm constantly compelled to make use of the Motorola Mobile Services attribute.

I have ZERO need to utilize this point, and also all it does is make my life heck. Exists a means to transform it off? The Droid was outstanding yet all this Motorola and also Verizon bloat is eliminating me!

2019-12-02 02:58:08
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Nasty service provider! Sorry to listen to that.

If you rooted it and also place Cynogen Mod 7 on, that would certainly remove all the Moto and also Verizon bloat and also you can have as several email acc is as you desire : -)


2019-12-04 09:50:40