Jailbroken iPhone 3G Wi - Fi is greyed out, no 3G, require to open a mobileconfig documents or load frying pan editing and enhancing

I have a close friend's iPhone 3G that does not and also has not any time had the Wi - Fi link readily available. It is greyed out with "No Wi - Fi". I have actually recovered it a loads times to no end He desires me to place his phone on Straight Talk, yet to do so I require to open a mobileconfig documents which is generally emailed, or modify the APN with a tethering application via Cydia. I have actually mounted the applications right into Cydia via Cyder II, yet Cydia still can not load them without internet. Aid me please, I've been searching for and also attempting job - arounds for hrs.

2019-12-02 02:58:13
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I have actually listened to sometimes of wifi greyed out, and also usually it was right after upgrading their iphone with a new variation. No quantity of DFU appeared to repair it, and also I assume it is due to the fact that the concern was with the firmware eliminating the iPhone is wifi.

I am rather particular Apple fixings these sorts of troubles, you could also call them and also see if they will certainly change it as their upgrade perhaps created it.

For the 2nd item, If you are attempting to get a network link without wifi, plan for some enjoyable. It resembles you will certainly require to run some type of proxy solution on your computer system, change some plists, and afterwards run a couple of commands. The first link has some even more mac os x details things, yet they are both worth a read.


2019-12-03 04:55:08