How to recover infrared assistance in Windows XP?

My infrared port is not working with my Windows XP SP 3 (Thinkpad X60). I can see it Device Manager, and also it is standing is, that it is functioning possibly. The trouble shows up in numerous means.

Initially I was attempting to move information from my Polar RS800CX watch, and also the Polar ProTrainer 5 software program offered me the this mistake message : "Communication port could not be opened".

After that I attempted to connect the watch to an additional computer system, and also the infrared link was developed quickly. I after that attempted to connect the various other computer system to my Thinkpad X60. The various other computer system once more quickly revealed the Wireless Link symbol "'computername' remains in range" in the alert location. Yet absolutely nothing is revealed on the Thinkpad, and also a documents transfer to the Thinkpad is not successful with a mistake message that reports that "the target equipment proactively rejected it [the link ] ".

This brings me in conclusion that the infrared assistance in Windows on the Thinkpad is in some way damaged. This is more sustained by the reality that I can not locate the "Wireless Link" symbol in the Control Panel and also when I attempt to run the irprops.cpl absolutely nothing takes place.

So the inquiry is, just how to re-install the infrared assistance?

Several of the remedies that I have actually discovered is :

  • I have actually attempted to disable/enable the infrared in the BIOS - to fool a re - installment.
  • The IR components setups on the various other computer system that can get an effective IR link is a specific suit to the ThinkPad that can not get a link.
  • The was a trouble in Windows XP SP 2 with the Wireless Link symbol - MS KB article - yet that hotfix can not be used on SP 3 installment. I additionally presume that the hotfix is consisted of in SP 3.

Any kind of various other pointers?

2019-12-02 02:58:42
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It is feasible that a few other application is currently attached to the port. The first wrongdoer I would certainly consider is the THINKVANTAGE collection that is mounted. That software program appears to incorporate to the hardware at a really reduced degree in some circumstances.

There can be some source problems that could be maintaining it from functioning like in the "old" days prior to PnP nonetheless this is possibly an outdoors opportunity. However if you examine the hex address for the port you can generally arrange this out. Windows additionally has the capacity to make use of various hex addresses for the port so see to it all the setups in the biographies and also windows follow each other.

If you have the capacity to consider the hex address in a hex display, after that you can additionally get a remote, placed it alongside the IrDa port and also aim to see if any kind of information is transforming in the register.

Finally, some laptop computer instances have the IRDA window with no equivalent hardware. I've seen this a time or to too. I was surprised to figure out there was not in fact an IRDA port within due to the fact that from the outdoors there was all the sign there was.

2019-12-03 04:56:19

I do not have a Thinkpad any longer yet when I had one I invested time collaborating with IR comms. The Thinkpad IR components made use of to sustain a variety of IR settings - SIR (criterion) and also FIR (Fast). There are various other settings - MIR and also VFIR that more recent versions could additionally sustain. It needs to be feasible to set the setting in the buildings dialog for the IR tool, it absolutely made use of to be the instance on the Thinkpad T30\T40 collection. Establishing it to FIR just would stop it connecting with typical tools.

It deserves examining to see if this alternative is readily available and also if so see if changing it makes any kind of distinction.

There were some XP SP2 concerns with IR being impaired - this MS KB article has some information.

2019-12-03 04:45:07