To decrease the degree of quantity in iPod touch

I have my quantity at the most affordable degree at Settings > Music > Volume Limit and also at Settings > General > Sounds the quantity bar at the really lower also.

I open a track at Music. I transform the quantity by the 2 switches at the left edge of the iPod. The quantity goes to the most affordable degree and also it is still expensive.

Exists any kind of means to decrease the degree of the quantity?

2019-12-02 02:58:45
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This might rely on the earphones you affix to the iPod. If your earphones are not - typical earphones and also you intend to maintain them, you can acquire a quantity attenuator for a couple of dollars.

Is this the instance for every single track or cd you play? It might hold true that the volumne degree had not been set effectively throughout the encoding.

You could attempt to readjust the degree making use of an open - resource software program like mp3gain :

Tired of grabbing your quantity handle every single time your mp3 gamer adjustments to a new track? MP3Gain assesses and also readjusts mp3 documents to make sure that they have the very same quantity.

2019-12-03 04:33:46