FOSS ASP.Net Session Replication Solution?

I've been looking (with little success) for a free/opensource session clustering and also duplication remedy for I've stumbled upon the common suspects (indexus sharedcache, memcached), nonetheless, each has some constraints.

  • Indexus - Very premature, stubbed session user interface execution. Its or else a wonderful caching remedy, however.
  • Memcached - Little replication/failover assistance without mosting likely to a db backend. Numerous SF.Net tasks - All aborted in the onset ... absolutely nothing that shows up to have any kind of grip, and also one which appears to have actually gone all business.
  • Microsoft Velocity - Not OSS, yet appears wonderful. However, I really did not see where CTP1 sustained failover, and also there is no clear roadmap for this set. I are afraid that this set can diminish right into the ether like several various other MS dev tasks.

I am rather made use of to the Java globe where it is sort of considered provided that several remedies to troubles such as this will certainly be readily available from the FOSS globe.

Exist any kind of ideal choices readily available on the.Net globe?

2019-12-02 02:58:52
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As much as Velocity is worried I have actually listened to some wonderful features of that task recently. It is still in the creating phases and also possibly not primetime all set yet. Yet I assume the task has a strong ground and also will certainly come to be a solid fully grown item from Microsoft and also not diminish right into the ether like you forecast.

Lately I've listened to podcasts from Scott Hanselman and also Polymorphic Podcast pertaining to Velocity.

2019-12-03 04:36:18