Ubuntu twin - boot installment Grub mistake 18

I'm attempting a twin - boot installment of Ubuntu 9.04 alongside an exisiting Windows XP. On first Ubuntu boot I get a Grub mistake 18. As I currently figured out the factor consequently is an unfavorable mix of troubles :

  1. The Ubuntu dividings go to completion of the partion table possibly also much in the back to get located by the old BIOS.
  2. I'm mounting on an instead old laptop computer with a BIOS where I can not set the HDD setting (from LBA to CHS or regular). This was stated as a workaround to get Grub boot from drives also huge for old BIOS (in my instance 250GB).

One workaround stated was to create a boot dividing as a first dividing on the drive. Yet as the Ubuntu installer can not relocate partions, simply resize them I can not make any kind of vacuum in this way.

Would certainly there be any kind of trouble concerning my existing Windows installment if I made use of an additional dividing device to resize and also relocate my first Windows dividing a little bit to the back?

If doing so would certainly I still have the ability to reenable the Windows boot supervisor with fixboot/fixmbr?

2019-12-02 02:58:53
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Answers: 2

Have you taken into consideration Super Grub?

  • The Live CD, has numerous alternatives which could be valuable.
2019-12-03 04:55:07

Creating a new tiny first key Ext2 dividing for/ boot with GParted sufficed. After that ran the Ubuntu Desktop installment and also picked hand-operated partioning. There I set/ boot as the mountpoint for the tiny dividing and also placed the remainder of the Ubuntu dividings at the end Functions penalty and also Grub has the ability to boot both Ubuntu and also Windows.

Simply asking yourself if Windows fixboot/fixmbr could manage the relocated first Windows dividing?

2019-12-03 04:32:54